Getting Competent With Architecture Thesis

Coming up With a Good Thesis Statement is the Stepping Stone to a Good Thesis Architecture thesis should relate to a particular problem in architecture. Thesis in architecture has to be done by students studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees. If you are going to be an architect, then you’ll be required to write … Read More

What is an Algorithm Thesis?

Writing Algorithm Thesis is as Difficult as the Research Itself Algorithm Thesis is written mainly by Master’s and Doctoral students who research on problems in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Philosophy, and other Technology and Science related fields. Algorithm is the step-by-step process of solving a problem. Algorithm is the first step in developing a computer … Read More

Writing An Impressive Advertising Thesis

Advertising Thesis should be Persuasive like an Advertisement Advertising Thesis must be persuasive in character as it is normally written by a person studying or employed advertising or any other related field, to be read by people having an interest in the same field. Writing a thesis in advertising is not very different from writing … Read More

How to Write a Good Accounting Thesis

Accounting Thesis Should Select a Topic Area which Can Contribute Significantly Accounting Thesis is not very different from a thesis written on a topic from another field of study. Yet there are some distinct differences from other subjects too. For instance selection of a particular subject area and a suitable topic for a thesis from … Read More

Role of the Thesis Advisor

Selection of a Thesis Advisor can be the most important Decision in the Life Some say that choosing the right thesis advisor is more important than choosing a spouse. Actually, this can be true especially for a student having high ambitions on a career in academia. The advisor is responsible for supervising the research project … Read More

Writing an Investment Thesis backed with Financial Expertise

Investment Thesis Helps Investors to Formulate Investment Strategies Investment thesis is the statement that explains how an investment creates value to the investor. Investment theses are prepared by the investment consultants, advisers and the finance mangers to help map out investment strategies. One dictionary meaning for the term thesis “a proposition put forward for consideration, … Read More