Writing an Investment Thesis backed with Financial Expertise

Investment Thesis Helps Investors to Formulate Investment Strategies

Investment thesis is the statement that explains how an investment creates value to the investor. Investment theses are prepared by the investment consultants, advisers and the finance mangers to help map out investment strategies. One dictionary meaning for the term thesis “a proposition put forward for consideration, especially one to be discussed and proved or to be maintained against objections”. Investment thesis is different from an academic thesis because the purpose, content and the audience differs greatly. Investment thesis is prepared for each individual deal proposed, so that a decision can be made on acquiring a new asset or acquiring a company.

Writing an Investment Thesis

Writing an Investment thesis needs lot of data and information on the company in which the investments are to be made, the industry or industries in which the company is active in and the special advantages for the investing company. Knowledge, experience, intelligence, foresight and honesty are the main things that should be the main traits an advisor should have. Although before making an investment, investor should have an investment thesis that is checked and scrutinized carefully, this does not happen in most cases especially in the corporate sector.

How an Investment Thesis Helps Make a Decision on Acquiring

It is believed by many that Investment thesis and the investment strategy are the same thing. But the fact is that investment thesis shall help formulate the investment strategy. The reasons for forgetting about making the thesis and scrutinizing the thesis before making the investment is, trying to beat the competitors to buy the asset. This leads to many unwise investments that will turnout to be losses. The best scrutinizing test is the dilution test which is checking what happens to Earnings per Share (EPS) after the investment is made. Any credible investment thesis shall pass this litmus test if the investment is to be made.

When do the Students Write an Investment Thesis?

Any student aspiring to be a CEO, CFO, an investment executive, investment advisor or expecting a career in asset management, actuary or insurance must be conversant with scrutinizing and using an investment thesis. Many courses prescribed as core or electives for degrees in Management, Finance, Commerce, Economics and Banking will have investment thesis as a part of the syllabus. Students studying these courses may have to prepare investment thesis as part of their coursework. Students will find writing an investment thesis is much more difficult than writing an economics thesis or accounting thesis, because gathering of information and data on individual companies is not always easy.

Help for writing Investment Thesis

The students who have to write an investment thesis will have to get help especially to get data and information on the company they are writing about and the industry data. They can get help from a good thesis writing service like PhDify.com that would make their investment thesis a credible one. PhDify.com has many writers with long time experience in the fields of Finance management and investment consulting.