What is an Algorithm Thesis?

Writing Algorithm Thesis is as Difficult as the Research Itself

Algorithm Thesis is written mainly by Master’s and Doctoral students who research on problems in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Philosophy, and other Technology and Science related fields. Algorithm is the step-by-step process of solving a problem. Algorithm is the first step in developing a computer program, solving a class of mathematical problems, or a method of analyzing the raw data of a research study to produce a meaningful result. Developing an algorithm for solving a problem is a logical process. That is why students in Logic or philosophy also are interested in algorithms. When you are faced with writing your Algorithm Thesis you must select your intended area of study. Select a good problem to write an algorithm and then use your algorithm to test the validity of the algorithm in solving the problems at hand. You will need lot of help from your professor and the supervisors. If you are not very sure of your ability to write your thesis you can always get professional thesis help to select and idea, draft the proposals, write the thesis and edit and proofread the work.

Selecting a Problem to Research on Algorithm

There are a vast number of problems to solve in Computing, Information Technology, Engineering, Medicine and many other areas of modern technology. Governments and Big corporations in these Businesses related to these areas of technology invest large sums of money on research and development. Universities get funds from Governments as well as big companies. Many ideas for research problems in algorithms come from donor institutions that fund the research. Students can suggest their own ideas for funding from the above institutions. The selection of a topic to do the research is the responsibility of the student. The above areas of technology are developing very fast. Therefore the student must check the state of research in the specific area to avoid having to do the same type of research done in another place. Nowadays this is not very difficult due to the availability of information in the internet.

Plan your research

Plan your research and your thesis writing. You have to do a search in the internet using the keywords related to your algorithm thesis. Allocate time for different phases of the research. Once you have identified the problem collect information on all the recent and current research on the thesis topic and related topics. Study the algorithms used for solving specific problems similar to your problem or the way the problems are solved using your intended type of algorithms. Then collect relevant articles thesis on the algorithms developed by others. Start drawing the flowcharts and check and recheck the algorithms. Start coding your program doing necessary modifications. If you have object oriented or modular approach test your algorithms in separate parts. If you are satisfied with your results make a report on the research you did.

Reporting your work

Actually your algorithm thesis will take the form of a reporting of your work and the results of your research. You can write it logically supported by flowcharts diagrams, program coding screenshots etc. Use your thesis outline as the guide for writing the thesis. You can read re-read and edit till you are satisfied with your work. Discuss the thesis with your supervisor. Get ready for the thesis defense. If you have done a good research and produced a good thesis it is not to defend your thesis at the viva. Most of all submit the correct number of copies in time.