Role of the Thesis Advisor

Selection of a Thesis Advisor can be the most important Decision in the Life

Some say that choosing the right thesis advisor is more important than choosing a spouse. Actually, this can be true especially for a student having high ambitions on a career in academia. The advisor is responsible for supervising the research project that leads to the thesis. In any discipline, the success of a thesis depends very much on the supervisor’s subject expertise, help, and the relationship between the student and the supervisor. Therefore, students starting on a Master’s or the Doctorate thesis should select the advisor with careful consideration of all these factors.

Study the Potential Advisors first

Before making a decision regarding the advisor, study about the potential advisors. Here, are some steps that can be taken to learn about the available advisors.

• Meet the proposed advisors and discuss the research project that is in your mind, and the research project they suggest.
• Discuss about the expected standard of the thesis, and the support you can get from him/her in formulating the research project and writing the proposal including the thesis statement.
• Meet the other student working with the advisor and get their opinions.

Take your time and decide whether you like the professor, his views and the style. Most important thing to note is that you two will have to work in cooperation on the project over one to two years to complete theses at higher degree levels.

Managing the Student-Advisor Relationship

The students have to gain many things from doing a thesis project. Much has to be created by the student himself/herself. However, the result of students’ work is directly dependant on the guidance, advice and support from the thesis advisor. Maintaining a good rapport with the advisor is the ultimate secret of success in the thesis project. Student has to get the maximum support from the advisor without unnecessarily burdening to him/her.

Priority with Interaction with the Advisor

By doing a thesis project, students learn about the practices among academics, standards of academic writing, professional behavior, and how to do critical reading, speaking and writing to present findings of a research. Advisor works as the mentor and has to become a role model to the student. Student will develop his/her own way of doing things, but will be influenced by the advisor. After selecting the advisor students can straightaway start work on the thesis proposal and prepare the thesis proposal and the thesis outline under the guidance of the advisor.

Secret of an Excellent Thesis

Out of a multitude of theses written every year in various disciplines by students allover the world only some are outstanding and will be used by others as reference work for their own research. Only such theses help further the overall knowledge base on the subject area you chose to research on. Secret to success is getting maximum support from every possible source and focusing more to the actual research problem. The contribution from the thesis advisor is the most important factor. However, these academics have busy schedules from lectures, marking exam papers, scoring assignments and guiding other thesis candidates. Therefore, support from professionals who are specially disposed to assist you can further enhance the quality of your thesis. When students buy thesis, from, they will get all the support necessary in the selection of topic, formulating research problem, preparing the proposal, researching and writing the thesis etc. from highly qualified thesis writers.