Chemical Natural Sciences

Further your understanding of the world around us through the study of both organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Practical Experiences

A minimum of 12 hours of hands-on laboratory experience

Teaching Style

A combination of lectures, supervisions and practical research opportunities

Oxbridge Academics

Maximum 6:1 student-to-tutor ratio in supervisions, led by world-class academics

Advanced Topics

Introduces subjects studied by first year students at Cambridge University

Course content

Topics covered on this course will represent areas of chemistry which remain at the cutting edge of modern day science and therefore constitute a core part of the academic curriculum currently taught to science students at the University of Cambridge.

Important topics include: biological chemistry, energetics & equilibria, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and the shapes & structures of molecules.

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Practical experiences

A variety of fundamental scientific techniques are used by students to enhance practical skills, alongside providing context to the academic syllabus. World class facilities are used for practicals including polymerase chain reactions and enzyme kinetics. This will provide the perfect platform for practical classes at the university and future scientific research careers.

Suitability and requirements

Students must be:

  • Between 16-19 years of age for the duration of the programme.
  • Fluent (or near-fluent) in English. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the level of English that is required to attend this course.
  • Enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Suitable for:

  • Students wanting to get first-hand experience of laboratory-orientated scientific research.
  • Students broadly interested in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, materials science or other related industries.
  • Students considering applying to university to study a science-related degree.

What's included?

  • 13 nights private ensuite student accommodation in a Cambridge University College
  • 13 days continental breakfast and cafeteria style dinner in a traditional hall setting
  • Daily lectures and academic supervisions, provided by leading Cambridge and Oxford academics
  • All academic material and university support material required for the duration of the programme
  • A minimum of 12 hours hands-on practical lab or computer-based research experience, led by leading Cambridge and Oxford academics
  • A comprehensive social programme including daily activities, academic enrichment opportunities, cultural experiences and sports-based activities
  • Weekend group excursion to London including transport by coach, all activity costs and entrance fees
  • Weekend group excursion to Oxford including transport by coach, all activity costs and entrance fees
  • Traditional formal hall dinner at a Cambridge and Oxford College
  • Graduation ceremony, certificate and celebration dinner
  • Cambridge SciSearch welcome pack and stationery

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2017 Cambridge SciSearch Programme Fee £4,200 (including VAT)

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