Producing a High Calibre Economic Thesis

Economic Thesis can Be on any Topic Connected to Economics

Economic Thesis is written by students for their Economics Majors, Master’s or PhDs. Today Economics has become a very important discipline of study in social sciences. Early concepts of economics have roots in the civilizations that graduated from bartering to trading with money. Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations had developed the basic Economic concepts as early as 2000 years BC. “Arthashastra” a treatise on Political Economy was written by Indian philosopher Chanakya 24 centuries back. Today economics is a vast subject area covering many aspects of Economics. Writing an academic thesis on this subject is certainly a challenging task.

Background of Modern Economics

Adam Smith (A.D. 1723-1790) is considered as the farther of modern economics. His treatise on political economics “wealth of notions” laid the foundations for studying economics. The economists Ricardo, Malthus, Stuart Mill, Keynes and Karl Marx were among the notable contributors to the development of modern Economic theory. Study of Economics is mainly divided to micro-economics and macro-economics. Economics is concerned with the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services and associated interactions. Micro-economics studies supply, demand and price of goods and services while macro-economics studies national income, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policies. Development of economic theory and study of different subject areas provides many topics for economic thesis.

Topics for Economic Thesis

Students writing the Economic Thesis shall select their topics from subject areas they already have some knowledge on. Further, they have to narrow down the topic to a specific point so that they can research deeply and write the thesis within the given word limit and the time frame. Here are some examples.

• Unequal economic growth among members of regional economic groupings is caused by the unfair trade practices. Student can take a case from any grouping and examine.

• Impact of subsidies to farmers in industrialized economies. Student can do a research on one case. Japan is a good example for this topic.

• How the large scale speculation has caused food price fluctuations in recent years.

• Management of fiscal policies and impact on unemployment.

• Does absolute advantage justifies dependence on imports?

Thesis Statement for the Economic Thesis

Based on a chosen topic, developing a thesis is the next step in the thesis writing process. If the student writes the thesis to prove a point it must be stated in an argumentative thesis statement. Thesis statement informs the reader of the stand of the writer. The strength of the thesis statement is one of the main factors for the success of the economic thesis. This will lay the foundation for clarifying the thesis objectives, thesis title, and thesis questions. These key elements will lay the foundation for an impressive introductory chapter. Opening chapter of the thesis introduces the topic of the thesis and background information on the topic and then state the scope and significance of the thesis study.

Ensure the Success by Engaging Thesis Help

Researching and writing an academic thesis on economics is not a simple task. You are expected to engage in the most rigorous of empirical research and write the thesis to a very professional standard in order to pass the scrutiny of the thesis committee. Failing to do so will have you making revisions or your economic thesis will be rejected. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure your success. There can be many reasons that may disturb or curtain your work on a thesis project. As an insurance against failure students can get thesis help from a good thesis writing service.