Our comprehensive social programme encourages student participation in extra-curricular and academic enrichment activities which are typical of Cambridge University students. Ultimately we want our students to enjoy themselves, whilst making life-long friends from around the world.

Academic enrichment

  • Scientific Debate

    Engage in structured scientific debate broaching some of the most controversial areas facing modern day scientific research. The inaugural 2016 debate saw students argue for and against the use of cryogenic preservation of eggs.
  • Guest Speakers

    Listen to notable guest speakers from some of Cambridge’s internationally renowned Scientific Research Institutes. In 2016, Cambridge SciSearch welcomed world-leading researchers Dr Cinzia Catacessi and Dr Luca Pellegrinet, each of whom gave insight into their field of expertise, namely molecular parasitology and cancer research respectively.

Daily activities

  • Botanical Gardens

    Visit the stunning Cambridge Botanical Gardens which is home to over 8000 different plant species!
  • Punting

    Lay back and relax as you revel in a chauffeured punting trips down the River Cam, courtesy of Scudamore’s; Cambridge’s leading punting company.
  • Walking Tours

    Enjoy a professionally led walking tour around Cambridge to formally familiarise yourself with the city and visit distinguished sites such as The Eagle public house – home to Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA.

Cultural activities

  • Graduation Ceremony

    Experience the culmination of Cambridge SciSearch summer programme with a graduation ceremony and dinner to celebrate the academic achievements of each and every one of our students.
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum

    Visit some of Cambridge’s most celebrated museums – including The Fitzwilliam Museum  – which houses artefacts ranging from Ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses to masterpieces by Pablo Picasso.
  • Cambridge College Tours

    Visit King's College Chapel and a range of stunning Cambridge Colleges to get a feel for the historic nature of the city.
  • Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

    Enjoy tickets to a production set amongst some of Cambridge’s most beautiful college gardens. Possible shows include Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing or A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Sporting opportunities

  • Sports Afternoons/Evenings

    Participate in sports afternoons which mimic the University College Leagues. Sports options available include: football, rounders, ultimate frisbee and croquet. 
  • Grass Court Tennis Sessions

    Enjoy the opportunity to play grass court tennis sessions - all students are encouraged to join in regardless of previous experience!
  • Rowing Taster Sessions

    Benefit from rowing taster sessions at a leading College Boat Club and engage in Cambridge’s lively rowing scene on the River Cam.

Weekend activities

  • Day Trip to Oxford

    Take a day trip to Oxford, with highlights including a guided walking tour of the city, free time for personal exploration, and a 3 course banquet style dinner in a medieval hall belonging to one of the illustrious Oxford Colleges. If you fancy it, this trip also allows you to make your own direct comparison between the prestigious universities of both Cambridge and Oxford.
  • Day Trip to London

    Embark upon a day trip to London, with activities including a visit to either the London Science Museum or the Natural History Museum, a quintessential British picnic lunch in Hyde Park, and a tour of the internationally distinguished Royal Institute of Science.