Academic Ethos

Cambridge SciSearch provides a combination of distinct teaching formats to provide an unrivaled insight into life as an undergraduate science student at The University of Cambridge. All of the courses we offer are designed to be intellectually rigorous and challenging – however this should not put you off! Our teaching is delivered by tutors who have a true passion for their chosen subject and a friendly, approachable style. 

Lectures: Cover the core material


  • Lectures cover the basics of a subject and act as a starting point for students.
  • Each lecture will typically last between 50-60 minutes.
  • Depending on the subject class size, the number of students attending each lecture may vary anywhere between 4-32.
  • Lectures will be delivered by leading Oxbridge academics – many of whom are working at the forefront of their chosen scientific field.

Supervisions: In depth exploration, led by inspiring Oxbridge academics 

  • Supervisions provide a more personalised form of tuition in group sizes which don’t extend beyond a maximum of 6 students per tutor. 
  • They’re led by supervisors who are specialists in the subject being studied and may include lengthy discussions, the opportunity for question and answer, discussion of pre-prepared work or any combination of the above.
  • As well as helping students to develop independent learning skills, supervisions enable exploration of the course material in much greater depth than lectures allow.

Practical-Research: A hands-on opportunity to get to grips with your chosen subject

  • Practical Research will teach students a range of hands-on skills and techniques that are currently used to make innovative scientific discoveries.
  • Practicals will often be linked or related to topics covered in lectures – however sometimes students may need to establish this link for themselves.
  • We are proud to offer students at least 12 hours of practical lab-based experience throughout the 2 week course.

Academic Enrichment: Further exploration away from the classroom

The CSS experience extends far beyond our academically focused classroom-based sessions. Students also have the chance to:

  • Engage in scientific debate about some of the controversies facing modern day science 
  • Listen to guest speakers who will talk about their own personal experiences of cutting edge science
  • Enjoy day trips to places of scientific interest – including The Royal Institute of Science and The London Science Museum

Programme Key Facts: 


  • Maximum 6:1 student to tutor ratio in supervisions
  • Maximum 9:1 student to mentor ratio
  • All academic tutors will be current or previous members of the University of Cambridge or Oxford
  • All student mentors will be current undergraduates at the University of Cambridge and will act in a pastoral capacity to ensure student well-being