How to Write a Good Accounting Thesis

Accounting Thesis Should Select a Topic Area which Can Contribute Significantly

Accounting Thesis is not very different from a thesis written on a topic from another field of study. Yet there are some distinct differences from other subjects too. For instance selection of a particular subject area and a suitable topic for a thesis from the vast field of accounting study is not an easy task. Vastness of the field is evident from the fact that there is a plethora of job designations for those with an education and experience in accounting. Some of those are Accountant, Finance Manager, Management Accountant, Project Accountant, Accounting Manager, Controller, Auditor, Bookkeeper, Financial Analyst, Payroll Administrator and Tax Specialist. There are many more jobs that require an education in accounting. These fields also are different sub sections coming under the wide scope of accounting. Therefore selection of your topic for the Accounting Thesis must have some bearing on your intended carrier goal.

Selection of a Topic for Accounting Thesis

First select the area of study in which you plan to write the thesis. Ideally this should be an area covered in one of your courses. If the topic is in an area related to your curriculum your thesis writing helps you at your writing examinations too. Then select a topic that interests you. As writing of a thesis is an arduous task your interest in the topic can keep you going till the completion of the thesis. Thesis topic must be wide enough for you to do a meaningful research and narrow enough to focus on your thesis within the time limit and the word count limit. Thesis ideas may come from following sources.

• Books and journals in the accounting, business, finance, banking, management and other related areas.

• Your own text books, lecture notes

• Popular TV programs on the above fields.

• Browsing through the websites related to the accounting and business fields.

Your Thesis Plan and Outline

As you have decided on your thesis topic now it is time to draw your plan and the thesis outline for the accounting thesis. At this stage you may get thesis help from a professional thesis writing service. Divide the whole process of writing the thesis into separately identifiable tasks like selection of the topic, drawing a plan and writing a guideline, collection of data and information, reading, organizing, analyzing the data and information, drawing conclusions, writing the thesis and editing proof reading etc. Your plan must have target dates for each task. Allocate enough time for each task. Then implement the plan. Your thesis outline will guide you through organizing your data and information.

Writing the Thesis

After you have collected the required data and information, read, organize, analyze, evaluate and compare. Then draw up the conclusions. Write your thesis as per the outline you wrote at the beginning. This will serve as a template for the thesis. Otherwise get a good template for writing that could save your time and effort for studying different formats. List your references and write the Bibliography section according to the citation format prescribed by your professor. Then write a Thesis Abstract that is an essential part for a thesis. Read, re-read, cut, add, edit, and rearrange your writing till you are satisfied with your work. Now is the time to get third party opinions. Show your thesis to your supervisor, few colleagues and get their opinions and if necessary do any minor changes. Get your accounting thesis printed and submit it to your department. Be ready for the thesis defense too if there is a defense as a part of your thesis.