How to Develop a Good Argumentative Thesis Statement?

Good Argumentative Thesis Statements Contains a Central Argument

A Before starting to write an Argumentative Thesis the student must fully understand what an argumentative thesis is. Argumentative thesis is written to convince the readers, the stand taken by the writer regarding a debatable issue by providing evidence and reasons and making arguments based on them. If you are to write a good argumentative thesis you must have a debatable topic and you must take a stand on a very specific point within the area covered by the topic. Then the claim you make, must be convincingly presented to the reader using evidence you collect in your research and using your assertive reasoning and arguing skills. Your claim is the Argumentative Thesis Statement for the thesis you are going to write. This may be an opinion, a policy proposal, an interpretation or a cause-and-effect statement or an evaluation.

Argumentative Thesis Statement must be on a Debatable Topic

An argumentative thesis must be on a topic that everybody does not agree with. There must be a large number of reasonably thinking people who disagree with the topic. This may be the majority or the minority. The stand the writer takes may be that of the majority or the minority. If there are no people disagreeing with you on your stand, then there is no argument. Following are few Thesis Statement Examples which contain a clear argument:

• Ultimate goal of the space exploration must be the colonization of universe by humans.
• The nation loses the experience of able politicians by applying Term limits on political office.
• Strict laws must be passed to control and minimize the use of animals for scientific research.

Following are some topics without an argument. Argumentative thesis statements cannot be built on them.

• English language is widely used in international trade.
• Rise in literacy rate of a country is an indication of the progress of a nation.
• The communication technology has developed very fast during the last decade.

Argumentative Thesis Statement must be Specific

Argumentative Thesis Statement must be specific and on a narrow topic. It is impossible to argue on a broad topic because argument spills into many other areas. If the thesis statement is vague then the argument cannot focus on any point. The thesis statement must clearly tell the reader the stand taken by the writer on the issue in hand. Then the reader can quickly and easily understand the reasons and arguments presented by the writer, whether the reader agrees or not. Thesis Statement essentially has two parts. It must inform the reader what is the thesis about. Then the second part tells your stand on that topic. To write a good thesis based on the argumentative thesis statement you have developed, you should have strong evidence and good reasons to prove that you are right.

Your Argumentative Thesis Statement must be Interesting

The success of your thesis depends on a good thesis statement. It must be on an interesting thesis topic. Your evidence must be from reliable, reputed and well known sources. Your arguments must be convincing and skillful. This shows how important it is to write a good thesis statement in your assignment to write the thesis. Many students find it very difficult to settle for a good interesting topic. They fail to narrow down to a manageable scope. Then it is very difficult to write a good thesis that gets a good grade. If you are not confident in your ability to do it alone it is not a crime to get the support from somebody. You can always look for professional thesis help from a Thesis writing service. This will assure you of a thesis written to passing standard that will ensure your success with the degree completion.