Getting Competent With Architecture Thesis

Coming up With a Good Thesis Statement is the Stepping Stone to a Good Thesis

Architecture thesis should relate to a particular problem in architecture. Thesis in architecture has to be done by students studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees. If you are going to be an architect, then you’ll be required to write an architecture thesis. Architecture thesis can take the form of a research project or a design project. But it should have a thesis statement, a theme. The thesis topic or the theme deals one particular principle in architecture or a solution to an architectural problem. Architecture is a field of study that is totally different from other disciplines. Architects create things in their minds. They do not have any physical materials to build or produce something. But they produce designs, and plans for buildings in their minds. Their vision for a large structure will need the help of other professionals like engineers to materialize into the building itself. Writing a thesis also is like designing a building. Writing a good thesis always start with the selection of a good thesis topic. Of course, the topics suggested are to be specific. Now is the time to discuss your professor and get her opinion about your topic. If you get the green light then go ahead to the next step which happens to be drawing up a thesis proposal. If this too is approved, you can proceed to thesis writing phase.

Subject Area for Generating Thesis Statements

Once you select your thesis topic you have to start collecting the research material or if you have decided on a design project you’ll have to start preparing preliminary work on your design. At this stage you must refine your topic to a very specific and unique thesis statement.


• Energy Efficient Buildings.
• Low Cost Community Living.
• The Interaction of Reinforced Concrete Frames and Architectural Form Subjected to Earthquake Effects.
• Design of a planar mechanism for external sun shading systems.
• Analysis of Planar Bar Mechanisms in Architecture.
• Aesthetics and architecture.
• Scheduling Problems in Architectural Design Process.
• Determination of Place Concept in the Reproduction Process of Built Environment.
• An Analytical Study of the Design Potentials in Kinetic Architecture.
• Using Machine Learning Techniques for Early Cost Prediction of Structural Systems of Buildings.
• Day lighting Evaluation in Office Buildings.
• Construction of Time Conception in Architectural Realm:

Siegfried Gideon and ‘Space, Time and Architecture’

Having defined your thesis statement you can do research to establish your thesis. Collect your information ideas of others and supplement ideas with your collected ideas and get your new design or the thesis idea.

Writing the Thesis

Before writing your thesis you must have an outline for the thesis. This outline must follow the normal structure for an architecture thesis. A possible structure is:

• Introduction that includes the thesis statement.
• Background with any literature review.
• Two or three chapters to develop your thesis, Important point last.
• Analysis and evaluation.
• Conclusion restating the thesis statement.

Write down the outline that will serve as a guide for your thesis. Using the outline as your template, fill in the details till you have finished writing all the sections of the thesis. Do the editing removing all unnecessary words, phrases and whole sentences. Add whatever the ideas or details you may have overlooked. If you are satisfied with your thesis get it proofread by somebody else to eliminate the structural errors as well as spelling and the grammar mistakes. If you find it difficult to do your architecture thesis writing due to some problem it is advisable to get help rather than failing the degree. You may get the help from a professional thesis writing service. You’ll never regret it later in your life.