Autism Thesis

It is always hard to write about diseases, especially when dealing with children ones. Before switching our attention to autism theses in particular, let’s deepen into the autism spectrum. The info given below will be interesting and cognitive for everyone. It will also help you enhance knowledge before composing thesis paper.

Children of Rain

Autism refers to disorder in natural neural development. The disease leads to communication, social relationship and interaction problems. It affects children under 3 years old. Nowadays there are 2-3 children in ratio to 1 000 people affected by autism. Girls are at lower risk for autism than boys.

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Autism complicates brain activity leading to different pathologies expressed in restricted and repetitive behavior. The mechanism and the reasons of the disease are not known thoroughly. It has very strong genetic foundation and basically may be related with agents that cause birth defects. Scientific research cannot give direct answer “why?” but some of them stress the attention on negative impact of environmental causes, childhood vaccines, heavy metals and pesticides widely used in everyday life. Though such reasons are not yet proved.

For now a lot of scientists study the problem. There is a tendency to consider autism to be not pathology but a difference. As wise men say: “People are the same in their differences from each other”.

Main symptoms:

• impaired communication abilities – most of autistic children cannot satisfy their everyday needs usually expressed in speech;
• muscle weakness – hypotonia (reduced muscle strength, tension and resistance to movement in a muscle) ;
• poor motor functions – apraxia, caused by pathologies in specific areas of the cerebrum (brain);
• toe walking – walking on toes without putting much weight on the heel;
• repetitive behavior – repetitive movements expressed in stereotypy, compulsive behavior, sameness, self injury, ritualistic and restricted behavior.

Begin to write

Writing an autism thesis one must be very attentive and cautious. The issue is widely enveloping and involves a lot of arguments and disagreements. Thus, decide on a topic and make a solution about your opinion on the matter. As I said, the reasons are not yet proved. That’s why a deep research is needed. In case of any difficulties you may consider dissertation proposal from special service support.

Autism theses may vary from one to another due to different area of the disease to investigate. You may choose any particular point of view on the issue and try to prove it. You can also offer an alternative one. But be careful and aware of last tendencies. Study all available sources and get to know with some recent researchers’ works about autism.

What is necessary

No matter about what you will write, some information must be stated as a rule. Regardless a topic you are supposed to indicate the following:

• historical facts;
• how to manage the disease;
• some further prognosis;
• mechanism, causes and classification;
• characteristics of the disease (symptoms).

Pointing all of the above, do not make it the body of your autism thesis. Be strict, consistent and remember that the brevity is the soul of wit.

If something will go wrong while your study, research and writing your thesis statement, do not hesitate to ask for help.